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Corporate Classes

To help improve employee health & workplace productivity.

Why provide yoga classes for your employees? Here are just some of the amazing benefits yoga asana has for yourself, your employees & your company:


Stress Relief: The negative impact stress can have on our minds & bodies is huge. Employees suffering from anxiety, depression & burnout are all too common & this is not only terrible for the individuals but also for your company with more & more sick days being taken due to staff being run down. Yoga works to combat this as a physical practice that actually energies the body, helping to release tension & by using the breath & mindfulness techniques to aid relaxation & stress relief.


Improved focus & productivity: Cluttered minds don’t provide solutions, clear minds do. When our minds are clear they are wide open to new ideas & higher productivity levels. Practicing yoga stimulates the part of our brain that is explorative, aiding with inventiveness, as well as removing any tension in the mind/ body that may be blocking creative flow.


Increases contentment & builds stronger teams: When employees have a greater sense of self-worth & a better work/ life balance not only does their overall well-being increase but so does their confidence, patience, kindness & levels of contentment which helps cultivate a positive working environment where all employees feel happy, healthy & supported.

Yoga Class Participants
Work Colleagues

Employer benefits

- Financial benefits as fewer sick days taken

- A more positive work environment for all

- Lower levels of stress, anxiety & depression

- Greater levels of focus, creativity & productivity

- A stronger, more connected team full of healthy, happy individuals

Employee benefits

- Better physical health; posture, strength, flexibility

- Improved mental clarity, enhanced creativity, better decision making

- Calmer, less reactive, more responsive

- Higher levels of confidence, happiness & contentment

- Greater relationships with clients & colleagues

- More energy, less tension

Woman at Work

Each session can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length, either in person or online & will be tailored to suit the needs of your company & teams. Whether it be uplifting & energising flows or more restorative stress relief, yoga, breathwork & meditation will be used in combination to provide exactly what is needed.

If you would love to have me guide a yoga practice at your place of work, express interest below & I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I look forward to flowing with you soon.

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