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February Favourites 2022

It's that time of the month again where I give you a run down of all the things I've been loving recently. These could be practical things that I've incorporated into my daily life that have added immense value in some way or perhaps a small object or moment that simply bought me a lot of joy. I am sharing these things as a way of spreading the love, sharing things that may also bring a little extra happiness into your life, as well as it being a great way for me to stay grateful, as writing these posts encourages me to find & focus on the good in life, even in the tiniest of moments.

Yoga Poses - Forward Folds - Paschimottanasana, Uttanasana & Prasarita Padottanasana. Things have been slightly stressful for me on a personal level recently so I have been gravitating towards lots of forward folds in my asana practice, aiding with the release of stress & tension as they work to calm the nervous system. They do this by creating space along the spine, opening up areas of the body where emotional stress or physical tension may be residing (e.g. the neck/ upper back), as well as helping to bring the attention inwards (out of the mind & back into the body) & by gently compressing the internal organs, aiding in the release of toxins.

Yoga Online - Boho Beautiful - Initially I found these guys to be a little cringey, however, their sequencing is great & varied & they help me to challenge myself in my home practice on those days/ weeks where I just don't want to use my brain to plan sequences for myself. Offering everything from Yin to Advanced Power Vinyasa flows they do have something for everyone but I enjoy that many of their videos are slightly more challenging as I feel it's easy to get stuck repeating the things you know you can do with ease. Their videos help me to get out of that & push myself to go deeper.

Books - Make It Happen -Amika George - This was bought for me as a gift & I absolutely loved it. A book all about activism, written by Amika who is truly inspiring, having started her own activism journey whilst still at school. Full of useful tips on how to become a successful activist from Amika herself & many other successful players in the industry.

Food & Drink - Supernatural Brighton - Some of the yummiest plant-based food in Brighton. Affordable, brilliantly balanced meals, small but varied menu, plus the staff are always delightful & if you're extra lucky you may even get to see the resident French Bulldog that's often there. I am now a regular, 10/10 would recommend.

Strength Workouts - These are something I used to avoid like the plague but since becoming a yoga teacher & learning more about the human body, I have a greater understanding of the importance strength training has for our overall well-being. Yoga asana can be a form of strength training in itself but alongside my regular asana practice I have been incorporating strength specific workouts to help protect me against degenerative health conditions such as Osteoporosis & to help build more overall strength & wellness.

Charity Shops - These are a double whammy of goodness because they are a great way to shop sustainably & on a budget whilst also allowing you to have a good clear out of things you no longer need that someone else can give a new home too. Some of my best loved items of clothing have been found in charity shops.

Music - Youngr - I discovered this guy after seeing he was on the set list, supporting one of my favourite artists (Goldfish) who I'm seeing at Printworks in London this March. Super upbeat, catchy beach bar vibes, making me feel like Summer is well & truly on it's way even though we're still in the depths of Winter here in the UK. Amazingly talented artist who plays multiple instruments as well as doing vocals & producing his own stuff. Definitely one to watch.

Hugs - After cov*d finally caught up with me earlier this month I spent a week shut away in my small bedroom to ensure I didn't make my partner & my friend who I live with sick too. The isolation wasn't quite as bad as I had expected it to be which I am extremely grateful for but when I was finally able to come out & hug my partner again safely, that was such an incredible feeling. The power of human touch is so special, that intimacy both with friends & significant others is often taken for granted but that time spent without it has made me even more grateful for those moments & now I just want to go around hugging everyone!

My In Studio Class - Just in-case you missed it, I have the most exciting news... Starting from Monday 28th February I will be starting my first ever in studio class at Revitalise Brighton & Hove. With focus on building strength both in mind & body this will be a fairly challenging class, brilliant for both the students (& myself) to grow & learn. To read more about it & book yourself in click here.



Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share all about yoga & intentional & authentic living for a healthier mind, body, soul, Earth connection.

Have a blessed day ♡

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