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Join me on the mat for

In Studio Classes

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Energising Flow

Monday 7:30pm - Revitalise

Join me for this playful & dynamic (one hour) flow, where I guide you using embodied movement, meditation & somatic practices to regulate the nervous system & reconnect to your inner wisdom whilst building strength & confidence.


Listening to & working closely with the signs & signals of the body, we'll create fresh energy throughout & end with a grounding sense of inner harmony & peace. 

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Yang - Yin

Tuesday, 6pm - Revitalise

An hour long, magical mix of dynamic/ energising flow into restorative yin. A beautiful blend of opposing energies, infused together to help you feel strong, yet soft, powerful, yet gentle. A true embracing of all parts of yourself though movement, breath & mindfulness.


Vinyasa Flow

Monday 2:30pm - Natural Fit

If you're a member of Natural Fit, you can join me every Monday for this 45 minute flow, with an embodied focus.


A space for you to flow freely, exploring shapes & movements whilst connecting back to your body & regulating your nervous system. A class to give you back your bodily autonomy whilst having fun & nourishing yourself from the inside out.


Yin Yoga

Tuesday 4pm, Wednesday 5pm & Thursday, 10am - Natural Fit

A slow 45 minutes to fully take you 'Yinward'. This class will be your chance to fully slow down & reset. Using the three principles of yin yoga; time, finding your 'edge' & stillness, you'll journey to parts of your mind, body & soul, that rarely get accessed in every day life.

If you're a member at Natural Fit Hove, you can join me three times a week for some restful yin yoga, releasing & relaxing through the body whilst calming the mind & nervous system.

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Dynamic Flow

Monday, 12:15pm - The Box

Every Monday, I guide you through a strong & embodied (45 minute) dynamic flow, where we build strength & mobility in the body whilst finding focus & clarity in the mind. The perfect class for a midday reset.

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