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I'm Cassandra, a 285-hour certified yoga teacher, embodied movement facilitator & content creator based in Brighton & Hove, UK.

Everything really changed for me in January 2024, when I completed an Embody & Flow CPD training at Flow State Studio, Hove. Over the years I have completed trainings stemming from several different lineages of yoga. All of these different schools taught me incredible things & lead me on the path to where I am today.


But why did it all change on that one weekend? Up until that point, on a personal level, I had been struggling with chronic aches & pains, living with a body & nervous system that was constantly in fight or flight even with a daily asana & meditation practice. I think it goes without saying that that isn't a fun way to live & I didn't understand where I was going wrong. On paper I was doing all the right things, right?

Instead of focusing on strict alignment & forcing yourself into positions that you might not be comfortable in, as is often taught & practised in more 'traditional' styles of yoga asana, embodied movement allows you to connect back to the innate wisdom of the body. Embodied movement uses awareness as the gateway, trusting that your body knows where it needs to go. It gives you back autonomy, to move in a way that feels good for you & helps to build an understanding of the nervous system, it's relationship to holding patterns, pain & tension, so that you feel altogether more safe & present in your body.

Over the course of that one weekend, all the aches & pains that I had been carrying for months, quite literally disappeared. I felt the most light & grounded in my body that I had done in years & a whole new world of healing & movement opened up to me that I just couldn't turn away from. I felt the power of an embodied practice for myself & I am now on a mission to share it's magic with as many of you beautiful souls as I can.


By working with the nervous system, embodied movement & somatic practices, you can truly come alive in a multidimensional way. My mission is to help you be fully IN your body, releasing old holding patterns, creating new pathways to help you self-regulate & fuelling you with both the knowledge, tools & confidence to live a truly embodied existence.

Have a blessed day ♡



  • 200H YTT - Yoga London - October 2021

       (Vinyasa, Restorative, Power & modified Ashtanga Vinyasa)

  • 35H Yin Level 1 CPD - Harmonise Training Academy - October 2022

  • 30H Living the Eight Limbs, Yoga Immersion , A Journey to Self Inquiry CPD

        - Space Yoga Studio - October - December 2023

  • 20H Embody & Flow CPD - Embodied Beings, Flow State, Hove - January 2024

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