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6 Tips for Home Workout Motivation

Now more than ever it's super important to be keeping ourselves fit & healthy & although I'm talking about physical exercise here, you will feel the benefits mentally as well. So here are 6 tips to help keep you motivated when working out at home.

1. Put your active wear out the night before so it's easy to grab & put on first thing.

2. Schedule it in. It's so much easier to avoid something if you haven't designated time for it. Putting time aside to exercise, even if it's only 20 mins, will help keep you consistent.

3. Do something you enjoy. If you hate running, don't run, if you love HIIT or dancing in your PJs, do more of that!! Exercise should never be punishment or a chore to get through, it's meant to be enjoyable so if you really don't like your current routine, try something new!

4. Utilise free online resources! It can be super hard to come up with a routine yourself & you also want to ensure that what you're doing is safe & effective. Luckily these days there are literally thousands of free online resources, Instagram accounts, YouTube videos etc. where you can do real-time workouts from your home with little to no equipment what so ever! A few of my personal favourites are Zanna Van Dijk, Yoga with Adriene, Ella & apps such Deliciously Ella (paid for) or Fiit & Lesmills which offer free trials!

5. Exercise with others. This may be slightly trickier than normal due to the way of the world right now but exercising with your family or house mates is a great way to bond with each other & get fit at the same time. What if you live solo? Sign up for a live online class, these types of sessions have been booming since lockdowns became a thing with everything available from Pilates & street dance classes to strength training & HIIT.\

6. Finally, go easy on yourself. This year has been so difficult for all of us & the last thing you need to be doing is beating yourself up because you "missed a workout", there is always tomorrow & rest days are important too.



Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share all about yoga & intentional & authentic living for a healthier mind, body, soul, Earth connection.

Have a blessed day ♡

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