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Spring Reset - 6 Steps to a More Vital Life

After the slow & sometimes heavy pace of winter, the arrival of spring can come as a welcome release. Working in-tune with the seasons is an extremely powerful way to take care of ourselves, to connect back to nature & to move through life with more intention & ease.

With spring fast approaching, this is a wonderful time to start preparing your mind & body for the lighter seasons ahead.

Here are six steps you can try this season, to help you feel healthier, fresher & full of the joys of spring!

1. Set Your Intentions

In the West, we often associate January 1st with the start of a new year. We're told to "hit the ground running" & are encouraged to set ourselves lots of new years resolutions that are, quite frankly, often unrealistic, overwhelming & rarely ever stuck to. In Chinese tradition however, the start of a new year is celebrated in spring, keeping in-tune with the seasons of Mother Earth, when the dark & heaviness of Winter finally begins to make way for lighter days & more vibrant energy.

This is the perfect time to review your last season, what served you & what didn't & begin to set intentions for spring & beyond.

Key areas to both review & set intentions for are:

  • Relationships (friends/ family/ romantic)

  • Finances/ Work (satisfaction rate/ savings goals/ budget)

  • Health (physical/ mental/ emotional/ spiritual)

  • Environment (home/ work/ school)

Examples of review questions are:

  • What did I enjoy last season? Why?

  • In what parts of my life did I feel most fulfilled last season? Why? & How can I bring more of that into my day to day?

  • What did I find less enjoyable last season? Why?

  • In what parts of my life did I feel least fulfilled last season? Why? & What changes can I bring in to improve this?

  • Am I holding any beliefs that are holding me back? If so, what are they? Take the time to sit with anything that comes up here, breaking down these self-limiting beliefs will be hugely beneficial in moving towards your goals!

  • What am I proud of myself for recently?

  • What am I grateful for recently?

  • What are my three main priorities for this new season?

2. Implement New Habits

After you've set your intentions & gained clarity on how you want to move forward into the new season, it's time to bring these hopes & dreams to life by implementing fresh, healthy habits. This can seem overwhelming at first but if you choose one new habit at a time to start bringing into your daily or weekly schedule, focusing on that until it becomes such a natural part of your routine you don't even have to think about it, then move onto the next. Small, steady steps are way easier to implement gradually over time, rather than trying to over hall your entire life/ schedule over night.

A great book on how to build healthy habits in a sustainable way is Atomic Habits by James Clear.

3. Visit a Sauna/ Cold Plunge

Saunas & cold plunges go hand in hand & although I know one may sound more appealing than the other, they both hold so many incredible health benefits. These benefits obviously hold true all year round, but there's something about a sauna/ plunge pool in spring that really feels detoxifying & fresh, as if you're clearing away the cobwebs of Winter!

Saunas have been around for centuries & these hot, steamy rooms boast benefits such as improved cardiovascular health, stress management, improved blood circulation, pain reduction, skin rejuvenation & improved immune function.

Plunge pools & ice baths have definitely been growing in popularity thanks to the likes of Wim Hof, but what's all the hype about? Well, some of the incredible benefits to icy water submersion include, relieving inflammation, reducing muscle & joint pain, improving antioxidant levels in the body, strengthening the immune system & improving overall mood. Need I say more?

Saunas to try in Brighton & Hove:

4. Introduce Herbs into your Diet

Like saunas & plunge pools, herbs, of course, hold health benefits for us all year round. However, they work their magic most when we use them in time with the seasons, utilising what Mother Nature provides for us. Of course, what's in season for you in spring will vary, depending on what country you live in. I'm from the UK & so Spring for us brings an abundance of medicinal plants, such as dandelion, yarrow & nettle.

Whether you choose to forage for your own or purchase items from a store, these power plants can be used in everything from teas & tinctures to jams & baking.

When foraging plants, please always do so with the guide of a professional. Only ever pick & consume something if you are 100% certain it is safe to do so.

Some of my favourite foraging resources:

5. Complete a Body 'MOT'

Every year, around spring I use this as my body 'MOT' time. But what do I mean by this exactly? Just like a car needs an annual once over, so do we. Use this time to book yourself in for eye tests, dentist appointments, annual check ups with your GP, all those boring bits that seem like a load of hassle but are actually super important for keeping you fit & healthy throughout the year! It's always better to catch potential health problems in their infancy before they develop into full blown health concerns & this way, if you come away being told you're fit & healthy, you can glide into the new season with a smug feeling, knowing you're "running smoothly".

This can always be a nice time to book yourself in for appointments that aren't as important for your internal health but can still make you feel really good. Things like, getting your hair or nails done, a spray tan, wax or massage. Any beauty or wellness treatment that just makes you feel good about yourself, take this as your sign to get that booked in now!

When I want a pamper day, I always head to Revitalise.

6. Attend a Spring Themed Workshop

Even when we're starting fresh in spring alongside Mother Nature, creating new beginnings for ourselves can still sometimes feel a little overwhelming. That's where it can be wonderful to work with a teacher, coach or mentor, who can guide you through the process, holding space for you, to help you nurture those ideas & dreams & turn them into a reality. This can also be a fun way to meet like-minded people & even make new friends!

I will be holding a spring workshop this March (2024) where we will plant seeds & set intentions for the year ahead, as you are guided on a journey to create clarity around your hearts deepest desires & to bring new ideas into consciousness. If you would like to hear more about this offering or secure your place alongside me, simply click here.



Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share all about yoga & intentional & authentic living for a healthier mind, body, soul, Earth connection.

Have a blessed day ♡

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