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Winter Wellness Guide - 10 Steps to Better Health this Winter

After the high of the festive season, January & February can seem a little dull & difficult. This side of Winter can be a time for many, where money is tight, the weather is grey & energy is low.

Below are 10 simple steps you can follow to feel healthier both inside & out this Winter.

1. Slow Down

Every year, we are hit with slogans such as "new year, new me". This idea that you need to completely re-invent yourself every time January 1st comes around comes with a lot of unnecessary pressure to look & behave a certain way, so please, let's take our foot of the gas for a second.

Yes, the completion of another rotation around the sun can feel like a poignant time to start a fresh & for some it is. But if we tune into & learn from Mother Nature, this yin time of year, is still a period for rest & reflection, rebuilding strength & energy ready for when Spring is finally upon us.

If you have the energy to "hit the ground running" this January, by all means, go for it but please know that if that is not the case for you, that is OK. Take these months to build your inner peace, allow yourself to say 'no' to events if they don't truly resonate, sleep, take long walks & wallow in warm baths. Don't worry about anyone else's timeline but your own, trust in the divine timing of the universe & know that when you are ready to re-bloom you will.

2. Get Walking

Getting out into the fresh air is always more difficult in the Winter months. Shorter, darker days, often full of dull skies & rain clouds make it WAY less appealing to get outside, I get it. But the health benefits of even just a short walk each day for both your physical & mental wellbeing are hugely significant.

Just by being out in nature for a small amount of time each day, we can (amongst other benefits) naturally increase our levels of vitamin D (which drop during Winter due to less sunlight exposure), improve physical health through gentle movement & mental health by reconnecting back to nature which gives us more mental clarity & a sense of calm & connectedness.

If you find it particularly difficult to get yourself up & out of the house at this time of year, try arranging a walk with a friend at the weekend to hold yourself/ each other accountable, take some time outside on your lunch break at work or lay out some warm, weather-proof clothes ready for a morning walk the night before so all you need to do is roll out of bed & into them.

A really great book on the importance of keeping out connection to nature is Loosing Eden by Lucy Jones.

3. Take Care of Your Skin

Our skin is our largest organ & in Winter it takes an extra battering due to cold air, exposure to central heating & lower humidity levels. Often tired & dry, hidden away under layers of clothing, it's easy to accidently neglect this part of ourselves. Of course we all have individual needs but ensuring your skin is moisturised with high-quality, natural products (from organic origin wherever possible) is important for us all.

My favourite brands at the moment are

Dry brushing is also amazing for clearing away dead skin before a shower & improving blood circulation & lymphatic drainage (amongst other things). I got mine from Voya.

4. De-Clutter

We often think of Spring as the time for cleaning out our space but I think there is something therapeutic in having a Winter de-clutter instead. Using evenings or weekends when you'd rather stay in than go out to get clean & tidy for the year ahead.

Here our my main points of focus for a Winter de-clutter:

  • Swapping or donating any unwanted items such as clothes, books or unused toiletries

  • Deep cleaning cupboards/ drawers throughout the house (kitchen/ bedroom/ bathroom)

  • Re-organising kitchen cupboards/ fridge/ freezer, using up anything nearing expiry dates

  • Car (if you have one) cleaning inside/ out + topping up with petrol

  • Moving old photos from phone onto a hard-drive so I can delete from my phone

  • Deleting old files/ downloads from laptop/ phone

  • Charging all electronic devices (phone/ laptop/ headphones/ toothbrush etc)

5. Keep Hydrated

Now of course, we all know staying hydrated is important all year round but there are some key reasons why it is particularly important in Winter. Firstly drinking plenty of water will help to maintain your skins elasticity as well as locking in moisture from within. It also helps to remove waste from the body whilst transporting nutrients around it, key for keeping you healthy throughout cold & flu season. When we are properly hydrated our body is also able to regulate it's temperature more effectively, which is super important as the temperature drops.

6. Speak to Someone

These months can be difficult times for a lot of us. Financial worries, Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D) & feelings of loneliness are just some of the stresses you or someone you know might be facing right now. If this is the case, let this be your sign to reach out & speak to someone. Whether that's meeting a friend for a coffee, picking up the phone to a family member or seeking professional help in the form of therapy, there is no shame is asking for help. In fact, true strength is found in those moments of vulnerability. You are not alone & there is help out there.

Useful resources I have found related to mental health:

Please know that the above is not meant as formal advice. If you or someone you know is truly struggling with mental health, please reach out to a professional healthcare provider for support.

7. Journal

Journaling is an incredible way to get all those busy thoughts you keep having, out of your mind & onto paper. Whether you choose to free flow, by just writing the first thing that comes to mind (effectively word vomiting onto the page) or whether you prefer a more structured approach, taking just 5-10 minutes each day to organise your thoughts can be an absolute game changer in moments of overwhelm. A quick search on Google or Pinterest will provide you with ample journaling prompts if need be & if pen & paper isn't really your thing, there is now a whole host of journaling apps you can try instead.

I personally prefer to keep it old school, putting pen to paper but I have found this article at Zapier for '7 Best journaling Apps' for you to take a look at.

8. Try Something New

We can easily get stuck in a cycle of work, home, sleep, repeat during the Winter months. Shorter, darker days & colder weather makes staying home to watch endless TV repeats far more appealing than pretty much anything else most days but this cycle of behaviour isn't always the best for our mental or physical wellbeing. Why not use these slower days to read that book you've been meaning to pick up for months, to start an online course, or try something different at the weekend like a sauna day or new brunch spot. Other ideas could include inviting your friends round for an arts & crafts night or clothes swap, trying out a new wellness workshop or event or going to see some live music.

If you're thinking about joining a yoga class (& you live in Brighton & Hove) , I have plenty of weekly classes on offer here.

9. Eat Seasonal Food

Like staying hydrated, wherever possible, eating seasonal produce is good to do all year round. But why could it be particularly beneficial in Winter? Seasonal food is often fresher, as generally speaking it won't have travelled as far to get to you. This means the food is richer in key nutrients (which start depleting the moment an item is harvested) & fuller in flavour. Shorter journeys from farm to plate produce also means reduced carbon emissions, making it a win for the planet too!

10. Change Your Mindset

For many of us, Winter is our least favourite season. We spend our hours wishing the dark days away, berating the wet weather & often beating ourselves up for not having the energy to keep up with all the unrealistic resolutions & expectations we've put on ourselves at the start of the year. But what if we switched that mindset?

What if instead of wishing away the darkness, we leant into the slower pace? What if we embraced slow mornings under duvets at the weekend & cosy nights in after work? What if we used this time to nourish ourselves with home cooked meals & dancing in our PJs? What if we squeezed every last bit of cosiness out of Winter so that when Spring begins to bloom, you feel revitalised, energised & ready to bloom? If we switch our mindset to flow with Mother Nature, rather than against her, we have no choice but to flourish.

I would love to hear from you! What are your favourite ways to stay healthy & grounded during the Winter months? Please leave any you have in the comments below to share the love. Remember to wrap up warm, reach out to others & take it slow. Brighter days are coming.



Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share all about yoga & intentional & authentic living for a healthier mind, body, soul, Earth connection.

Have a blessed day ♡

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